Hope It Helps is a podcast aimed towards helping people. Each episode covers a different topic, and the goal is to make the conversations as interesting and engaging as possible in the hope that you as the listener can take something from it that can help you in your life.  Everyone has their own unique story and experiences and I truly believe that you can always learn something from anyone. At the end of the day we’re all simply just human beings trying to do the best we can to create the lives we want and achieve our respective goals and ambitions.

 So let’s talk, connect, share and help one another.

Our Episodes

Ep#65 35 Years In Real Estate With Laura Choueri

Today’s guest is Laura Choueri. Laura is a real-estate expert & brings with her over 35 years’ experience in the real estate industry in Montreal, Canada and Dubai. She has been a leading figure in the Dubai property market for over 27 years and...

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Ep#64 Everyone Has A Story With Roger Brooks

Today’s guest is Roger Brooks. Roger believes that everyone has a story & his goal is to create a positive impact on everyone he encounters either directly or indirectly, while producing life-changing content. He is an author, podcaster & book writing coach that has...

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Ep#63 Everything You Didn’t Know About Hotels With Lisa Brightwell

Today’s guest is Lisa Brightwell. Lisa is the founder and managing director of Bright Insights consulting a boutique consultancy specialising in helping companies optimise revenue in the hospitality industry. She has always been passionate about hospitality and has over 15 years of experience working...

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