Ep#64 Everyone Has A Story With Roger Brooks

Today’s guest is Roger Brooks. Roger believes that everyone has a story & his goal is to create a positive impact on everyone he encounters either directly or indirectly, while producing life-changing content. He is an author, podcaster & book writing coach that has developed a program that helps people turn their stories into bestsellers & takes you from page 1 to publishing in less than 90 days. In addition he is also the founder & host of the American Real podcast and has produced over 200 episodes in only 4 years, where he delivers value to his audience by interviewing the world’s top experts and getting them to share their stories, knowledge and experiences.

During this episode we discussed his journey running the American real podcast, we talk about why he encourages people to write a book & how he developed his writing program, and the fulfillment of being service driven and how that enables us to deliver value and have a more positive impact on peoples lives.

And the last message he wanted to share is to simply “Just do good & try to become a person of service to help build a brighter future for all”

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